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Past Events!

posted Jan 15, 2010, 6:11 PM by Desiree Tuazon
      Mr. and Mrs. Federated

  Mr. and Mrs. Federated held in Balanga Integrated School successfully launch their project to help every school to raise fund and be used in every project that schools may conduct. We are congratulating our fellow teachers from M.P Cuaderno, Mr. Percival Andrade and Mrs. Cleopatra V. Peralta for representing our school .

  Picture of December Events

 Christmas Party
 City Meet
 Gabi nd DepEP

 November 2009

    Girls Scout of the Philippines conducted an encampment an Estella Mariz Bagac Bataan. In this encampment girls are trained in different activities such as taebo, dancing, cooking and etc. These also makes children to stand on their own to be independent and believe in their own capabilities. Children gathered not only knowledge but also friends that they may treasure through years. Mayor Joet Garcia together with our Asst. Schools Division Superintendent Jessie Ferrer shows their love and support on this activity.


    Whoo... Spooky Month! In this month children are all excited to wear costumes that intrigue their minds. Children are about to see their friends having their most scary costumes. Establishments from Balanga City are engaged in this activity by giving candies and chocolates to children. Mayor Joet Garcia together with Vice Mayor Noel Valdecanas awarded the three children who give their best out of the best costume.


  Picture of November Events